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PAUL SHAW–Private & Public Performances–Classical & Caribbean Repertoire

Live from New York, It's Paul Shaw

Discover the artistry of Jamaican pianist Paul Shaw just as Vladimir Horowitz did on New York classical music radio. Digitally remastered from the WNCN broadcast tapes of Shaw's New York recital debut, this live recording captures the electricity and the spontaneity of that highly acclaimed event in brilliant readings of pieces by Bach, Schumann and Rachmaninoff. Also included is a world-premiere performance of an eclectic,expressive work with a distinct jazz element by Filipino composer Alexander Lim.

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JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue in D minor, BMV 903


Kreisleriana, Opus 16

Ausserst bewegt

Sehr innig und nicht zu rasch

Sehr aufgeregt

Sehr langsam 

Sehr lebhaf

Sehr langsam 

Sehr rasch

Schnell und spielend


Piano Fantasy in Four Moods 









Prelude in B flat Major, Opus 23, No. 2

Le Grand Tour–Paul Shaw Plays Caribbean Art Music 

In a solo piano recital of infinite variety, Jamaican pianist Paul Shaw guides the listener on a six-island tour of Caribbean Art Music with poetry, virtuosity and rhythmic exactitude. Shaw explores uncharted territory in Haitian composer Ludovic Lamothe's Feuillet d’Album and Jamaican Paulette Bellamy’s Improvisations on “Jackass a Jump and Bray.” 

He also navigates familiar waters, conjuring up the typical Caribbean vacation atmosphere in his own “steel drum” arrangement of the Jamaican melodic gem, Evenin’time. Stylistically, Cleophas R. E. Adderley’s Variations on a Theme by E. Clement Bethel circles the globe via the Bahamas. 

Shaw completes his Caribbean excursion with tributes to fellow Jamaican pianist and composer Oswald Russell and other distinguished composers from Curaçao, Puerto Rico and Cuba, including Ernesto Lecuona’s ever popular Malagueña

Cost: US$20 (postage and handling included)
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Le Grand Tour–List of songs

  • La conga de medianoche (Ernesto Lecuona)
  • Pequeño preludio (Hector Campos-Parsi)
  • Danza negra (Ernesto Lecuona)
  • La guayaba (Manuel Saumell)
  • Variations on a theme by E. Clement Bethel (Cleophas R. E. Adderley)
  • Feuillet d'Album No. 1 (Ludovic Lamothe)
  • 3 Jamaican Dances (Oswald Russell)
  • Guadalquivir (Ernesto Lecuona)
  • Nostalgia (Wim Statius Muller)
  • Nibo (Ludovic Lamothe)
  • Evenin' time (arr. Paul Shaw)
  • Improvisations on Jackass a Jump and Bray (Paulette Bellamy)
  • Kalin (Wim Statius Muller)
  • Malagueña (Ernesto Lecuona)