PAUL SHAWJamaican Virtuoso

PAUL SHAW–Private & Public Performances–Classical & Caribbean Repertoire

"A Champion of musical Romanticism."–GENERAL ANZEIGER

"The power, virtuosity and versatility of Shaw's playing continues to astound the listener. His dynamic range is outstanding, from the merest whisper of sound, to the powerful fortissimi which rocked the ceiling but somehow maintained the musicality which was never absent from his playing." –FREE-LANCE STAR

"Paul Shaw is both a virtuoso with herculean technical command and a sensitive introspective artist."–NEW YORK TIMES

"Shaw demonstrated an artistic sensibility that went below the surface. Unlike some more celebrated artists, his playing was well worth the listening. A profoundly insightful performance."–EAST HAMPTON STAR

"One is drawn in by Paul Shaw's expressive delivery. The emotional impact of his artistry is superb. Schubert's Sonata in B-flat was poised and aristocratic. Shaw's phrasing was elegant, his sense of rhythm impressive and his use of color unusually compelling." –THE WASHINGTON POST

"In what many would classify as the highlight of this Beethoven's birthday concert, Paul Shaw was a musical stylist of the first order in the Piano Concerto No. 1 in C major. Shaw was authoritative at every turn. He was solid at the bright first movement, displayed a songlike tone in the largo second movement and a feathery touch in the finale. Everything was done with a broad smile that stretched to the last seat in the balcony. What makes music pleasurable are hands and heart. Shaw has heaps of both."–RICHMOND NEWS LEADER